Unique 1 year diploma program for music teachers

Achaarya Nipuna, conceived by the Legendary Guru Padmabhushan Dr. TV Gopalakrishnan, is a 16-month (12+4) comprehensive diploma program in Music Teacher Training, intended to train and create self-employed musicians with the necessary skills needed to create successful career opportunities as music teachers. It emphasizes on the foundation and principles of contemporizing music education through unique music teaching techniques and methods and personality development.

This course has been created for aspirant musicians, and music teachers, have a successful musical career, vocal/instrumental catering to all or specific genres an better their teaching strategies.

The teaching style and format of this will adhere strictly to TTM, the unique methodology developed by Guruji Dr. TVG

Why Achaarya Nipuna ?

The role of Music in everyday life for any common man as a stress buster, hobby or as a part-time/full-time profession has multiplied. There is a constant search for identifying the right tutor to achieve these personal goals.

Though there are options for serious pursuers of music, lack of the right tutors for different genres, or customized learning programs for others, is acute.

With the increasing awareness of the role of music and fine arts for holistic living, the need to have skilled teachers to cater to this need is essential today.

Amidst the constant bickering of unemployment, the awareness of the excellent possibilities of career opportunities and economic success in this field vis-à-vis executive jobs is wanting.


  • Pedagogy Teaching-Learning
  • Helping to convert your skill to a successful vocation


  • Openness, enthusiasm and passion to learn and teach
  • Reasonably good sruthi and laya cognitive skills
  • Knowledge of any vocal/instrumental genre of music

Advantage with AIMA

The program has been conceived and designed by the legend Gurugji, who has created the maximum number of performing stars in different genres of Indian music from Classical to Film music. The versatile disciple musician of Guruji, Devie Neithiyar, will be handling the course with the support of a dedicated team of teachers of TVG AIMA, under Guruji’s guidance.

Placement Opportunities

Deserving and competent certified teachers are offered placements at the Academy centres or its collaborations.


In tune with AIMA’s founding policies and principles, Scholarship programs are offered to the the under-privileged to facilitate career paths for deserving candidates.

Earn & Learn

The program includes hands-on training with a four-month internship with stipend.

Hostel Facilities

Candidates can choose to use the hostel facilities which includes stay and food.

AIMA Programs

Program features Full time Online full time Part time
Duration 12 months + 4 months of internship 14 months 14 months
Fees (payable in as yearly or half-yearly instalments) 50,000 50,000 35,000
Stipend 12,000
Format Classroom sessions One-to-One Skype/Hangout One-to-One
Sessions 5 sessions per week (4 hours/session) 2 sessions per week (90 minutes/session) 2 sessions per week (90 minutes/session)


  • Scholarships are awarded to under-privileged deserving candidates only.
  • Age limit – Up to 35 Years
  • Candidates need to provide the following information to the Academy
    • Salary Certificate of parents/Self or Proof of Economic Condition
    • References – Phone and address of 2 references
  • Candidates should clear the Basic Assessment/Interview for the Course to be eligible for the Scholarship Program.

Note: All admissions are subject to assessment by the concerned authorities

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