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Nav Navarathri

Navarathri 2020 is unique and new in more than many ways. Navarathri is the victory of the good over the evil. This season is synonymous with "Devotion / Bhakti" across India. There is a chant, a hymn or a bhajan in the lips of almost every Indian during this time.

AIMA believes "If you can Speak, you can Sing". Nav Navarathri is an earnest attempt from AIMA to encourage, inspire and motivate such music lovers/aspirants to explore the music within them.

This is an Online Devotional Music Competition

It hopes to bring out talents, trained and natural, cutting across age groups and languages, to the forefront.

Who can join

  • Anyone who has a natural talent to sing and perform.
  • Classical music training is NOT imperative.
  • Any Indian language is permitted.
  • Age Groups:
    * GROUP 1 : 10 - 17 years
    * GROUP 2 : 18 - 40 years
    * GROUP 3 : 40+
Registration Fee INR 125. The initial screening process will be done with a simple audio model. The selected participants are further auditioned through multi layered selection process and the group of eligible contestants are brought forth for the competitive rounds.