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Academy of Indian Music & Arts

Today, the need to produce good professional singers and instrumentalists in various traditional disciplines, as also scholars and technicians has become imperative. Attention to the Art of performance and the Art of Teaching in music has been side lined . An Integrated and unique Gurukula system of specialized musical education with absolute focus on the above is essential and it is the only answer to check the declining interest in Classical and Indian Music Culture.

With the above objectives and others incidental to these in mind, A.I.M.A. (Academy of Indian Music & Arts , Regd) better known as TVG AIMA was founded in 1984 by the legendary musician Guruji Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan and registered as a Charitable trust.

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Encouraging and conducting research in ancient Indian musicological works

Documentation of classical obsolete art forms

Translation and publication of hitherto unpublished works on music and dance

Restoration of invaluable archival music material, audio and video

Study on healing and therapy aspects of Music

Research on ancient and contemporary musical instruments

Facilitating research activities

TVG’s AIMA is committed to providing access to Indian Music from grassroots beginner levels to professional levels - thereby creating tomorrow's performers, educators and facilitators. Though there are many institutions for teaching, monitoring and preserving our music culture, the impact of western culture and ideologies has eroded and diluted the zest for learning classical music in the hearts of the younger generation.
Encourage deserving artists by bringing them to limelight by conducting thematic festivals all over India and abroad with unparalleled success. Over 4000 aspiring musicians have been promoted by AIMA through its music festivals including today’s legendry young super stars. An equal number of internationally famous musicians and accompanists have also participated in our festival.
The unfortunate state of affairs, vis-a-vis artists, who choose to have a career in music and its allied arts, is the poor financial returns as a professional. It is not unreasonable to expect that a comfortable livelihood be possible with the wages earned by middling artistes – be the performing artistes or teachers.

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DR. T.V. Gopalakrishnan

The Academy of Indian Music and Arts (AIMA), was founded in 1984 by the legendary musician Guruji Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan registered as a Charitable trust.

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Devie Neithiyar

Devie, the foster daughter and disciple of Dr.TVG and a musician par excellence who has been hailed as the Angel of Indian Music, has been deeply involved in AIMA’s activities since its inception.

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Mam . I have to say this . Everytime I hear u sing i feel like am meditating. I get the same experience. I simply was lost in your voice yesterday. Thank you for being my guru . Please accept my humblest pranam. Thank you for letting me be a part of this journey. Very grateful for this . Thank you Mam . Lots and lots of love and gratitude

Nanda, Chennai

A special Thank you to Devie Ma’am and Aima team for a serene Sunday with such lovely melodious songs

Ekta, UK

Hello, my name is Jhanani Tharmaseelan and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have been studying Carnatic music from Sugam Karnatica in Malaysia. During the Covid19 lockdown, I enrolled online with AIMA for the "Sing With AIMA Rainbows" (SWAR) programme, which is taught by Devie Nethiyar. In this class, Devie Akka teaches us to sing songs from all genres.. devotional, folk, film etc. She also teaches us proper singing techniques like proper posture, breathing techniques, and voice exercises that will help us sing better. I love attending SWAR classes and I love Devie Akka so much. She always encourages me and motivates me to become a better singer. My ambition is to one day become a great singer just like Devie Akka. ?

Jhanani Tharmaseelan

Student from Malaysia