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Prodigy development

TVG AIMA’s “Prodigy Development” is a passionate initiative by Guruji Dr.T.V. Gopalkrishnan (Padma Bhushan Awardee) to create Performers at Global level out of aspiring talents and prodigies and thus pass on our hoary heritage for generations to come. The primary goal of the project is to identify passionate and talented individuals, especially from under privileged communities who may not typically consider a future in performing arts, and groom them into performing musicians of international standards.

Living in art foundation

Living in art foundation is formed as a unit of AIMA‘s social awareness campaign for music and musicians. The Living in Art Foundation offers veteran musicians, a stable and dignified life, providing them a basic security in the form of a health insurance in their vulnerable years. We shall endeavour to provide these great artists with part time employment as music teachers, so they can sustain a living whilst passing their hard-earned knowledge to the next generation.

You can sing

Special week end batch for adults to rekindle their passion in singing in all Genres. No prior training required.

Why choose AIMA for music classes for adults?

AIMA has a uniquely formulated pattern of teaching music to adult enthusiasts who wish to learn music in a passionate way without a usual rigid structure. This way, the learning method is freestyle and doesnot hold many restrictions. Anyone with a desire to experience music can walk in and have it all for themselves. One doesnt have to know all the technicalities to experience the pleasure of exploring the music within and obtain self-satisfaction.

What are the benefits of learning this way at AIMA?

When you learn at AIMA, whatever stage or age you are in your life, you have a place to learn music and aesthetics. You definitely start to sing and enjoy your own voice. Not knowing how to sing or choose a song for any audience need not be your concern anymore. You start to sing without any inhibition. You are at home with your voice and singing. This stye of learning also helps you learn in an informal manner, while at the same time grasp the art with utmost care.

When will the classes take place?

Classes will take place during the weekends to make it comfortable for working professionals and home makers to take their time off to indulge in whole musical encounter.

What are the criteria to join?

The criteria are the thirst for music, focus and motivation to improve the musician in you and will be more than happy to have you here.

Sing along

Designed to kindle interest in music in tiny tots.

How will this club benefit your child?

Tiny tots of age group 4 to 7, enroll into this group to meet twice a month and enjoy an hour filled with singing and activities that support their inclination towards music. They are taught the basic framework and are made to experience music and fun at whole new level, while the parents watch as they blossom in activity. This also brings in good team building qualities to the child.

What kind of music will they be exposed to?

The kids will be taught different genres of music. This way, they will be slowly put into an unbiased way of listening to all systems of music and learn to appreciate and love any musical form.

Why only this age group?

Kids of this age generally begin to develop their vocal chords and music makes it easier for them. This will also help them shape their voice, intonation and communication skills. Kids are groomed to explore their areas of passion themselves in a fun filled atmosphere. So, this unique approach revitalises their talents and brings them to light.

Reality show & Voice training

For amateurs, professionals and reality show participants.

Why are voice culture courses important?

As singers, optimum use of ones own voice and its modulation are the two most important aspects. Specialized voice training helps fine tune all these and makes you sing in a better way. This also teaches you in everyday to hold a place in it. This intensive short term course, will help aspiring singers develop all qualities required to become an established singer. This course will focus on -

  • Voice embellishment
  • Dynamics
  • Diction
  • Choice of songs
  • Genre variation and techniques
  • Overall personality development as a performer

Any certificates at completion?

Yes. Certificates will be awarded on completion which will also help them have an edge over others when they present themselves in shows or before music directors and other profressionals.