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School programs

Music workshops suitable for 10 years and up

These small interactive groupsessions inspires the children to sing without inhibition , examine practical ways to keep the voice nimble with exercises; how to produce a rich voice, have correct intonation, have breath control, and have good posture during singing. It also acts like an orientation programme for the children in Indian Music and Culture Workshop will take simplecatchy melodies from, classical, light classical, folk ,or films to demonstrate the use of techniques.

  • Duration: 35 to 45 minutes

Performance workshops suitable for all ages

Instructor will work with groups to enable them to sing 3-4 songs for assembly or in a school performance. Age appropriate songs will be chosen in a variety of languages. Instructor will work with students of all ages and abilities. The program goal is to get students to comfortably sing the songs with joy, appropriate emotion, while adhering to the melody and rhythm.

  • Duration: 3 sessions per term. 40 minutes each

Competition preparation suitable for students with prior musical background

These sessions will provide rigorous training for students specially chosen for their musical abilities. Goal of the program is to prepare a select group of students to represent the school in inter-school competitions and on television. The program is designed to focus on polish of delivery, finer nuances of the composition and on television. The program is designed to focus on polish of delivery, finer nuances of the composition and thorough voice control.

  • Duration: As need and based on priority

Corporate programs

Aima Patanam

Designed to develop talent of the employee and his/her immediate family .They benefit from learning different art forms in an ambience of the contemporary Gurukula at the AIMA premises.

Aima Seeksha

Designed to unlock your employees’ dormant creativity, and raise staff morale beyond the sky. “AIMA Seeksha” is a fortnightly teaching session at the campus where AIMA sends teachers to train interested employees in any of the offered art forms.

Aima Arangam

Through “arangam” AIMA comes into the corporate sector to tap their artistic resource. We systematically select, train, showcase and record the most promising employees to professional standards, when they perform for their own corporate events.

Aima Aamukham

Creative thematic presentation / interactive session by AIMA to give a bird’s eye view of our great culture and its effects on our personal and spiritual growth and psyche.

Aima Saadhana

AIMA brings a select group of extraordinary super talent in the field of art which compare with the best in its field. We come out with tailor made programmes which suit the corporate need and budget.

What's New - Online Programs

Check out our new online programs celebrating 36 years of AIMA, symbolizing changing times.

Sing With AIMA (SWAS)

SING WITH AIMA will be a recurring 6-month Certification program. Participants shall also receive monthly Skill Assessment Reports during the course of the program.

Time: 7 PM IST
Duration: 1 hour
Day: Every Sunday

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Sing With AIMA Rainbow (SWAR)

SING WITH AIMA Rainbow is a specially designed program for children between 5-12 years. Participants shall also receive monthly Skill Assessment Reports during the course of the program.

Time: 5 PM IST
Duration: 1 hour
Day: Every Sunday

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MatruBhasha@AIMA (MBA)


Languages can be considered as the medium of the most effective way of communication. The language that becomes a part of you or rather becomes your thinking is directly dependant on circumstantial conditions and conditioning.

However, one's mother tongue is almost genetically programmed to link you to your culture, traditions and values.

For us Indians, English can never exude that magic of emotions which our mother tongue can.

India is a land of myriad languages, traditions and cultural activities. Even though only 22 languages have been considered as official by the constitution of India, we can boast of have 1,599 languages. Many of them are dialects restricted to specific regions and many of them are on the verge of extinction because of sheer non-usage in the recent past.

AIMA, as we step into our 36th year, is expanding its horizon to touching upon this necessity of the hour to take the magic, glory and beauty of these native languages to the children of Bharat who are spread over the globe. It is our earnest hope and wishes that this connect with languages triggers and sets off a beautiful life long bond between the youth and the glorious tradition of this beautiful country.

About the program

The proficiency of languages for each person is of varying degrees and this is linked to the purpose and need of the use of the language.

“Learning another language is not only learning different words but learning another way to think about the different ethos of living.”

To master a language is a long-term commitment. However, learning a language to experience the nuances of it and effectively communicate with a native speaker is very much attainable with a little inclination, observation, discipline and commitment. This is what is packaged in MatruBhasha@AIMA, Learn a language program.

What we do?

  • We get the basics right.
  • We orient them to the nuances and soul of language and its woven culture.
  • We work on the pronunciation aspects and the basic grammar as also make them aware of the regional slangs.
  • We increase their vocabulary and word bank.
  • We make them practice speaking and listening.
  • We make them practice through language exchange by facilitating to talk to native speakers.
  • We help them shed their inhibitions of conversing in their mother tongue by creating small skits in the group itself.
  • The best way to get closer to a language is through constant exposure and we create fun-filled opportunities for the same.