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Indian heritage and fine arts have endured the impact of myriad cultures, customs and faiths, over the centuries, and has withstood the test of time and soared high in the horizon of universal cultural ethos.

Today, the need to produce good professional singers and instrumentalists in various traditional disciplines, as also scholars and technicians has become imperative. Attention to the Art of performance and the Art of Teaching in music has been side lined . An Integrated and unique Gurukula system of specialized musical education with absolute focus on the above is essential and it is the only answer to check the declining interest in Classical and Indian Music Culture.

With the above objectives and others incidental to these in mind, A.I.M.A. (Academy of Indian Music & Arts , Regd) better known as TVG AIMA was founded in 1984 by the legendary musician Guruji Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan and registered as a Charitable trust.

Starting from humble beginnings from TVG’s home, AIMA has grown from strength to strength, expanding its activities and has now become a cultural haven where all these activities are thriving. The Academy provides a home away from home, shaping individuals ,transforming them from shy children fearful of strangers and rough around the edges, to poised performers, exuding confidence to be themselves on the international arena. Dr. TVG has made it a goal to offer opportunities to genuine talents who wants to pursue their career only in music , and help them grow to the stature of an artiste of international standards. Dr. TVG also espouses the philosophy that music should be an integral part of everyone’s life for its ability to reduce stress, and help one reach a higher state of mind.

TVG AIMA follows the unique methodology of music training which has been conceived and laid out by our founder the Legendary Indian Musician Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan himself. Hailed and christened as the “TVG Training Method” – this unique methodology has empowered multitude of Vocalists and instrumentalists globally , build, repair and free their voices and hitches of performances for over 60 years.

The TTM was born out of Padmabhushan Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan’s vast experience as a performing musician, his many years of experience as a teacher and mentor , analytical research in the areas of perception and performance and his depth of knowledge in areas of human anatomy, modern training methods, performance psychology, advanced mental training techniques, nutrition and more. Devie Neithiyar, premier disciple and foster daughter of Dr.TVG has been successfully running TVG AIMA for more than 2 decades. The on hand training , fine tuning and chiselling by the Guru himself has made this Star Singer-Performer Devie and a legend by herself , and is the flagship of this unique methodology.

A correct technique is something that produces the best results the most quickly. TTM does not use any technique that cannot produce practical results, even if that technique has been used and in practice for many years. Unlike traditional singing lessons where you are taught the varisais / set scale vocalises and other regimental exercises in the initial stages, TTM aims at teaching people to learn different songs as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.

The students start experiencing the joy of being in music and are then slowly put into technicalities, analysis etc in due course. The exercises to gain proficiency in the art form with the correct techniques along with the relevant theory starts from this stage onwards. The learning techniques become integrated. The students get much more worth by this methodology in knowing the art and become innately passionate of the art form imbibing the nuances of the art.

TTM helps you to learn the most you can in the most effective amount of time. It leaves nothing useful behind and bring nothing useless along. This helps the students develop their skills as strongly and effectively as possible.