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AIMA recognizes that socio-economic trends of recent decades have made the Gurukula system irrelevant. After a long and extensive research in these areas of performing, teaching and promoting genuine talents and presenting them, Dr. TVG has evolved a innovative system of teaching program taking into account the past heritage and the modern technologies. TVG has instilled the authentic Gurukula ethic throughout this blossoming institution. Dr.TVG’s unique system with its Intensive short-term and long-term courses, is tailor made to suit individual capacities of aspirants – their talents, interest and dedication to a particular art form. AIMA also boasts a well equipped library of musicological works, manuscripts, books, audio & video library and a full fledged modern digital recording studio.


  • Carnatic
  • Hindustani
  • Semi classical
  • Bhajans
  • Film music
  • Karaoke singing


  • Bharathanatyam
  • Mohiniyattam
  • Folk Dance
  • Film-Contemporary


  • Violin
  • Veena
  • Flute
  • Saxophone
  • Keyboards
  • Guitar


  • Mridangam
  • Ghatom
  • Tabla
  • Ganjira
  • Rythmpad
  • Konnakkol

Diploma courses

Kalaa Visharad - Art of performance

This course aims to create performers who can compete with the existing performers of today’s contemporary scene and successfully develop a long-term career in their chosen art form. This is a highly professional and intensive training programme devised by Dr.TVG, with short and long-term duration facilitated with flexible modules, which is highly recommended for aspiring performers.

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Achaarya Nipuna

Achaarya Nipuna, conceived by the Legendary Guru Padmabhushan Dr. TV Gopalakrishnan, is a 16-month (12+4) comprehensive diploma program in Music Teacher Training, intended to train and create self-employed musicians with the necessary skills needed to create successful career opportunities as music teachers. It emphasizes on the foundation and principles of contemporizing music education through unique music teaching techniques and methods and personality development.

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Rasika Visharad - Appreciation of fine arts

This aims at giving a music connoisseur the basic knowledge of the art form so that they discard their prejudiced attitude, and learn to equip themselves to appreciate arts so that they become a true rasika.

Samsiddha - Alternative therapy

With special thrust on personality development, The Art of Healing Centre AIMA approaches healing as an art form, treating people from a holistic view involving Hatha Yoga, Reiki, Naada Yoga and Ayurveda. This course concentrates in the state of mind body coordination resulting in leading to happiness and peace in day to day life!

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