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If you can speak, you can sing
- Guruji DR.TVG


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About AIMA

Indian heritage and fine arts have endured the impact of myriad cultures, customs and faiths, over the centuries, and has withstood the test of time and soared high in the horizon of universal cultural ethos.

Today, the need to produce good professional singers and instrumentalists in various traditional disciplines, as also scholars and technicians has become imperative. Attention to the Art of performance and the Art of Teaching in music has been side lined . An Integrated and unique Gurukula system of specialized musical education with absolute focus on the above is essential and it is the only answer to check the declining interest in Classical and Indian Music Culture.

With the above objectives and others incidental to these in mind, A.I.M.A. (Academy of Indian Music & Arts , Regd) better known as TVG AIMA was founded in 1984 by the legendary musician Guruji Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan and registered as a Charitable trust.

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